De toekomstplannen




I am thinking about a next experiment.
It will be phasing interferometry with 4 antennas and 4 coherent receivers.
To get a better resolution the frequency will be something
like 150 Mhz.
I have to solve a lot of problems, but that is my hobby.

Expected problems:
how strong will signals be at 150 MHz.
How can i make 4 coherent ssb-receivers at 150 MHz?
I must use a 4 channel soundcard in the computer for digitising.
Will i be able to program this card?
How can i reduce the huge datavolume i will get?
What kind of antenna's i have to use. A sort of beam antenna will be nice.
something like a 2 element cubical quad antenna.

A lot to think about....

All measurements of the rectangular grid for the interferometry mapping are ready now.
Next months i will recalculate the crosscorrelations and improve and corrigate the data.
Therefore i have to make a graphical correction program.
After that i will make all kinds of maps of the radio-sky at 31 MHz.

In the mean time i am thinking of measuring a new grid with much larger baselenghts and 2
cubical quad antennas to get about 10 db gain.
My goal will be to make a map of a small part of the sky with much more detail.

Ik ga een compleet ander meetstation gaan opzetten waarbij ik een aantal vaste dipolen ga opstellen.

De signalen van deze dipolen wil ik dan gaan gebruiken voor de zogenaamde interferometriemethode.

Hiermee kun je langs rekenkundige weg de richting waarin het antennesysteem kijkt veranderen en een

betere plaatsbepaling doen. De frequentie zal ook in de buurt van de 35 MHz gaan liggen.