Setup of my Seti station.

The official SETI-boys listen on 1440 MHz.
I do not understand why they chose this frequency.
When you will communicate via radio, you look for a
quiet frequency.
The whole universe is transmitting on 1440 MHz, so i do
not expect to hear there extra terrestrial intelligence
sending us a message.
Therefore i think it is better to listen at other frequencies.
Every frequency without terrestrial signals will be okay.
And, the more people listen, at a lot of frequencies, the more
chance we have to hear them.
For this reason, i publish all my software.
So everyone with a receiver and a computer can do seti listening
at home.
And who knows.... someone will hear them!!!

My station at this moment uses a simple inverted-V antenna for 31 MHz with
a HF amplifier mounted in the center of the antenna.
The same as i used for my adding interferometry and phasing
This amplifier is coupled via 100 m. coaxial cable to the
receiver in my house.
The receiver is an AR3000 of AOR. ( using LSB detector )
The loudspeaker is connected to the microphone jack of an
old xp computer.
This computer runs my Seti-software suite.
The program makes .WAV files of 15 second every minute.
If an FFT finds a signal, this .WAV file will be saved.
If there is no signal, this .WAV file will be deleted.
After some days i listen to the saved .WAV files and decide
what i did receive.......

The best way to find extra terrestrial signals is to listen
24 hours a day to a frequency... but who has so much time.

So my software suite helps you and decreases the time needed
to listen.