Some photographs of the phasing interferometry radio telescope (31 MHz)

aerialphotograph of the measuring field.
You see me stiring a RC-model airplaine with a camera which took this fotograph.
Left below is the first ( stationairy) antenna.
Next to me is the astrorover ( mobile antenna)
In the backround is the caravan with the receivers and the computers.

The stationairy antenna with the amplifier.
And the primairy measuring field between this antenna and the caravan.

The stationairy antenna and the astrorover ( is second antenna).

De caravan in which are the receivers and the measuring computer.
As you see, i hate cleaning......

The measuring computer (ASUS eee) and the receivers at the middle right.
Above right, the WIFI beam antenna for the link to my house .

The homebrew WIFI beam antenna in more detail (measured 12 db gain).

The receivers: left the copper unit is the 31 MHz bandfilter.
to the right the 2 receivers on 1 board. More to the right the
microprocessorunit which controls the si570 local oscillator.
Most to the right the old microprocessor digitiser which is now not
in use anymore. A computer soundcard does the job now.

The marking stones in the grass to find the locations for the
astro-rover ( the second antenna)