Some photographs of the phasing interferometry radio telescope (146 MHz)

The 146 MHz radiotelescope.
Left and Right the 2 antennas and in the middle
the plastic box with some electronics.

In front the astro rover, which contains the mobile antenna.

In front the fixed antenna.
The plastic tube contains the narrow band frontend amplifier and
an extra 10 db broadband amplifier.
The frontend amplifier has a noise figure
of 0.2 db and the amplification is 28 db)
This is the best to get nowadays.
It is a Low noise enhancement mode pseudomorphic HEMT
In the backround you see the brown caravan in which
the 2 receivers and the registration computer are located.

The antennas are 3 element beams for 146 MHz.

Again the fixed antenna.

The Astro Rover. This is the mobile antenna, which i
can put in a few seconds at an other position.
Every day it must be replaced.

What you see inside the fieldbox ( and my feet)
From left to right: 2 times 10 dB 146 MHz amplifiers,
the 146 MHz to 31 MHz frequency convertors, the 2 times
19 db 31 MHz amplifer and the 13.6 Volt power supply

An extra piece of coax cable to correct some phase error
between the 2 channels.

The 1 time 10 dB 146 MHz amplifier

The 2 times 19 dB 31 MHz amplifier

The 2 times 146 MHz to 31 MHz frequency convertors
(without shielding)
You see left the AVR microprocessor which programs
the si570 local oscillator, above it the 2 powerregulators
for the 5 volt for the microprocessor and the 3 Volt
for the si570.
At the right the 2 convertors.
top is 146 MHz input and at the lower part the 31 MHz output.
I build them as coherent as possible without using
the modern SMD technique.

The convertors in more detail

If anybody want some more information, please send me a mail.

The 146 MHz radiotelescope in test phase

In some more detail
Left and Right are the two beam antennas
In the middel the fieldbox with a lot of electronics in it.
From this fieldbox go 2 coaxial cables of 80 meter length to the
caravan in which are the receivers and the computer

The frontend , the dipole antenna and a beam-reflector

Please don't laugh... it is working!

In the plastic is the antenna amplifier ( noise figure
is 0.2 db and amplification = 28 db) and a 10 db broadband